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The new energy technology founder Dong Songhui won the Henan chamber of Commerce and industry ten leader

Date:2014-12-30 14:36

Five leading figures of the ten:

Dong Songhui: don't ask for future xiongji but ended without regret

To success stems from the thousands of times and extraordinary courage

Award words:

Dong Songhui, Zhengzhou outstanding entrepreneurs, the founder of Amperex Technology Limited. Zhongyue Technology Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production of amorphous, nano crystal strip, iron core, transformer, transformer is equal to one high technology innovative enterprises, the existing subsidiary of 15, the asset size of over 35 billion yuan. Dong Songhui advocates "technology to change the world, change the material life", to promote energy conservation and environmental protection development concept, to create a common green china. His goal is to lead the enterprise into the ten billion enterprise in 3 years.

"Clumsy, Great straightness seems crooked., Cats hide their paws.", is a true portrayal of the people. At the first sight, you it is hard to imagine that turned out to be such a man built a amorphous kingdom; he is not very talkative, even slightly shy, but when you and he carries on the thorough exchange will appreciate him the light of wisdom; his presence, perhaps not a legend, but it is a beacon to illuminate the countless people later. He is, Dengfeng Zhongyue Amperex Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyue technology") founder Dong Songhui.

From the delivery workers to the value of hundreds of millions of success from the success of the efforts of thousands of times

Dong Songhui when he was young, not well-off family, there is no full stomach statecraft talent, but he has compared to the others more than a hundred times or even thousands of times the effort and courage,. As long as it is a job, as long as it can have income, no matter how dirty and tired, he is willing to try.

Perhaps there was no way out, so I had to cut off all means of retreat, the ancients said: "the Fu Xi disaster of misfortune blessing of the forest." It is because, "mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt" that prompted him to take risks, do people do not want to do.

He didn't know his future road will go where, do not know the road has how many rapids undercurrent, but in his heart always have a miss, that is, "life in the trough, as long as you work hard, in each direction are upward." So, he is on the ground, and explore the way forward.

Dong Songhui's first job is to change the fate of the car delivery. He drove all day non-stop, non-stop to delivery every day, only two or three hours of rest and tireless.

God helps those who help themselves, social commitment. God always not snubbing a progressive heart, it is like him to work selflessly, completely changed not only the he unrelieved poverty status, but also let him among the ranks of the "rich", at the same time, also earn got life first bucket of gold.

From coal to the gorgeous transformation of amorphous ribbons, the success stems from the extraordinary courage

After obtaining the first gold in life, Dong Songhui did not indulge in an easy and comfortable environment, but the capital boldly into the coal industry. At that time, he was the first to enter the coal industry in Dengfeng, the first young entrepreneurs. In the next few years, he was in the mine every day, the whole focus of life in the mining area. The production scale expands unceasingly, the income is also increasing. Until 2008, the coal industry has developed to the highest peak.

However, Dong Songhui believes that the coal industry is extensive, high polluting industries, will go downhill. At that time, the national policy has been to suppress the rectification of signs, but few people know, but he insight into this sign. So jiliuyongtui, Dong Songhui will be in the hands of all the mines are for sale. If not what he expected, since 2009, the coal industry began to decline, the situation continued to decline, many enterprises run behind one's expenses.

From the coal industry, Dong Songhui began to look for new investment projects. After two years of on the market at home and abroad investigation. Eventually, he selected the energy saving and environmental protection of the new material is amorphous and nanocrystalline materials and downstream power electronics project, began his new energy industry.

The ideal beautiful dream, the reality is cruel. After entering the industry, he found that he had underestimated the difficulty of breaking the bottleneck of the technology of amorphous nanocrystalline silicon wafer. Because at that time can do this strip, in the world, only three: Japan's Hitachi Metals, the Antai technology and Qingdao Yunlu and the two are all state-owned enterprises, with strong state financial support, and Zhongyue technology is the only one production non amorphous ribbons of private enterprises.

But Dong Songhui believes that since the choice, there is no way back. "When you have jumped into the Huangpu River, you must insist on swimming to the other side to survive!" he told himself. So he still has no hesitation in the hands of all the savings into this project to go.

The technology construction began in 2010, December building, 2012 formally put into operation in August. "The green, may my heart. But for the sake of you, he has." Cao Cao's short poem to describe Mr. Dong Songhui thirsty mood more appropriate, however, in the past two years, he constantly looking for amorphous and nanocrystalline industry and technical personnel, hired a domestic and foreign industry engineers and experts, oneself also through various channels, in-depth study of amorphous and nanocrystalline products.

But even more difficult is still in the back. Because of amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbons production does not fully understand, company is after the operation, Dong Songhui introduced a lot of its downstream projects, such as the core, the transformer and reactor, these projects occupy the small amount of liquidity.

In the pre project, the financial pressure is not obvious, the key issue

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