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Henan provincial Party Secretary Guo Gengmao to visit and guide the work of the

Date:2014-06-20 14:37

Industrial transformation and upgrading to accelerate the rise of central China

Provincial Party Secretary Guo Gengmao visited Henan Zhongyue new amorphous materials Limited by Share Ltd

It is a good season, spring, reluctantly bid farewell, Zhongyue Songshan south of the Dengfeng City, full of vigour and greenery. On the morning of May 22, of secretary of provincial Party committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Director Guo Gengmao to Henan Zhongyue New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. research and guide our work. The Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, Zhengzhou municipal Party secretary Wu Tianjun, provincial development and Reform Commission Director Sun Tingxi, provincial industry and Information Committee Director Wang Zhao Ping, Zhengzhou City Mayor Ma Yi and Dengfeng City Party Secretary Zheng Fulin, leadership, accompanied by inspection.

In recent years, the province actively guide the resource-based enterprises to high-tech industrial transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, gradually hasten "green". At present, solar photovoltaic, new energy enterprises, new materials, equipment manufacturing and other industry development advantages become more prominent, Henan, Henan Province, the new energy chamber of Commerce, outstanding member companies Zhongyue amorphous new materials Co., Ltd. is the which the enterprise is quite representative.

Henan Zhongyue amorphous new materials Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production of amorphous, nano amorphous strips, core, transformer, reactor, transformer is equal to one type of high-tech enterprise innovation, the company founder Mr. Dong Songhui advocated "science and technology change the world, material life changing", advocate the development of energy-saving and environmental protection concept, launched by the new energy of Henan Province Chamber of Commerce organizations in early 2015 2014 in Henan Province, the new energy industry development outstanding leader award in, Dong Songhui was awarded for Henan Province's new energy industry development of the ten "leading figure in" one of.

On the morning of May 22, provincial Party Secretary Guo Gengmao production plant in Henan Zhongyue amorphous new materials Co., Ltd. understand the amorphous strips 25 m, non amorphous transformer and amorphous motors and other products. When Dong Songhui said Mr. transformer if to amorphous alloy strip instead of traditional silicon steel core material can save 60% to 80% of the no-load power (core) loss, Guo written not by praised, said: "this is a revolutionary change, not only significant energy-saving effect, but also can effectively reduce the pollution of the environment".

In Dong Songhui to him reported to build a "Central Plains billion amorphous industrial park planning, Secretary Guo Gengmao on the company gave full affirmation and praise, and instructed government leaders will Zhongyue technology as a key support enterprises, enterprises rely on, drive the amorphous upstream and downstream industry chain, in Henan Province focus on the promotion of this project.

Guo Gengmao Secretary also pointed out that in the current economic downturn of the situation, traditional industries in the old ways have been impassable, economic climbing over the ridge behind, Zhongyue technology is typical representative of enterprise transformation and upgrading of the, is a new force to accelerate the rise of central China. Enterprises to innovate, combine the speed, structure, quality and efficiency, in the development of adjustment, in the adjustment of the development, integration of upstream and downstream resources, forming industrial alliance, produce the effect of gathering, foster growth of incremental, become the mainstay of the Central Plains economic development.

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