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The State Council: May 26th issued the "2014-2015 years of energy saving and emission reduction low-carbon development action plan"

Date:2015-05-26 14:35

The office of the State Council issued in May 26th, "2014-2015 years of energy-saving emission reduction low-carbon development action plan", further hardening of energy-saving emission reduction carbon reduction targets, quantitative tasks, strengthen measures. Is expected to 2015, the total output value of energy saving and environmental protection industry will reach 4.5 yuan.

The action plan put forward specific target for the reduction of carbon emission reduction: 2014-2015, unit GDP energy consumption, chemical oxygen demand (COD, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxide emissions decreased year by year more than 3.9%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 5%; two years of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP respectively under reduction of 4% and 3.5%. The government will from eight aspects to take measures: one is vigorously promoting the adjustment of industrial structure; the second is to accelerate the construction of energy-saving and emission reducing carbon engineering; the third is to pay close attention to key areas of energy-saving carbon reduction; the fourth is to strengthen technical support; the fifth is to further strengthen policy support; the sixth is actively promoting market-oriented energy-saving emission reduction mechanism, strengthen the monitoring and early warning and supervision; eight is to implement the objectives of the responsibility.

Programs that will improve the energy services company policies to support access conditions, the implementation of energy-saving service industry negative inventory management, and actively cultivating "energy doctor, energy-saving audit, energy-saving low carbon certification, verification of carbon emissions and other third party institutions and pollution emission reduction in key areas and fast implementation of third-party environmental pollution control.

Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission on May 26, proposed to strengthen the energy-saving and carbon intensity of the annual target responsibility assessment and evaluation, the assessment results announced to the public, published monthly energy-saving targets in each region, barometer, and the implementation of strict accountability. To improve the policy mechanism, play a good price, tax, financial and other policies, and guide all kinds of funds into the field of energy saving and emission reduction.

Zhou Shengxian, Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection in the development and Reform Commission, Ministry of environmental protection held a national energy-saving emission reduction and climate change work in television and telephone meeting, must be strictly pollution reduction responsibility assessment, according to the examination results will provide some local governments and enterprises to suspend construction project EIA approval and other penalties.

Beijing Environment Exchange, green finance association office director Rao Shuling told reporters, "action plan" will be on the energy-saving environmental protection industry development to promote, and will promote the energy audit, energy saving low carbon certification and other third parties from the regional market expansion to the national market.

Competing Tongchuang energy-saving registered consultants Liu Wantian said, "action plan" will make energy-saving emission reduction low-carbon market mechanism for standardization, to achieve sustainable development, countries recognized the relevant enterprises to brand advocacy role. However, including the third party agency of energy saving low-carbon companies, the state's support and certification is just one aspect, the key is still in the entire market environment changes.

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