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  Talents are the most important resource of the enterprise, and since its founding, CAETG has been adhering to the talent concept of “respecting talents, caring talents, cultivating talents and retaining talents”, in terms of employing personnel, CAETG has been taking the attitude of giving full scope to all talents, taking morality as first, generously rewarding talents to make daily progress and emphasizing personal comprehensive quality. As the old saying goes, “a jade stone is useless before it is processed; a man is good-for-nothing until he is educated”, CAETG has been adhering to the employment approach of paying equal attention to the use and cultivation of talents, effective encouragement and reasonable communications. As the old saying goes, “Gold isn’t absolutely pure and slight flaw in a white jade”. CAETG has been abiding by the employment thought of tolerating talents, fostering strengths and circumventing weaknesses and giving full play to one’s strengths

  As the old saying goes, “good workmanship resulting in no abandoned materials”, CAETG will embrace aspiring and ambitious talents and provide them with the platform for showing their talents and broad space for development. CAETG expects and sincerely welcome you to join us, and CAETG platform serves as the fertile soil of your dream coming true.