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  Fe based nanocrystalline alloys, such as iron, silicon, boron, niobium, copper, etc.. Cu and Nb of Fe - based amorphous alloy containing above the crystallization temperature of annealing, will form a very fine grain microstructure, grain size only 10-20 nm, this non amorphous alloy by special annealing crystallization and the formation of crystalline material called nanocrystalline alloy. Nanocrystalline materials with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, high permeability, low coercivity, low loss and good stability, high strength toughness and wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, as has the best price performance ratio of nano crystalline alloy material in metallic soft magnetic materials, can replace the silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite, become the ideal material of high frequency transformer, transformer, inductance components.

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