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"China manufacturing 2025" planning a series of interpretation to promote the development of electric power equipment


Power equipment is realizes safe and reliable energy supply and national economy to continue the healthy development, including power generating equipment, power transmission equipment, power distribution equipment.

First, the main achievements

After the reform and opening up 30 years of development, especially in the past 10 years, China's power equipment manufacturing has been a tremendous change, formed a complete range, scale is large, with a certain level of technology of the industrial system.

(a) power equipment production ranked first in the world

Since the beginning of 2006, China's annual output of power generating equipment for 9 consecutive years more than 1 million kilowatts, accounting for more than 50% of the global output of power generating equipment; deadline by the end of 2014, China's power generation equipment installed capacity of 13.6 million kilowatts, has more than the United States ranked first in the world.

Since the beginning of 2008, the annual output of transformer for 7 consecutive years more than 10 million KVA, 220 kV and above transmission line length for 57.89 million kilometers, ranking first in the world.

China has now become a real power equipment manufacturing power. 2014, the power equipment manufacturing industry to achieve the total output value of more than 5 trillion, the main business income of 5.33 yuan, 311200000000 yuan in profit, total import and export 164900000000 u..

(two) continuous improvement in the level of power equipment and technology

In order to have the independent intellectual property rights of large complete sets of electric power equipment, UHV power transmission and transformation equipment, smart grid with complete sets of equipment for representation of the power equipment has reached the international advanced level, which has a mark of major technical equipment and products, including:

Power generation equipment: 1000 MW class ultra supercritical thermal power units, 700 MW and above water and electricity generating units, 1000 MW class nuclear power units, etc.; 300 MW class F heavy gas turbine.

Power transmission and transformation equipment: 1000 kV UHV AC transmission complete sets of equipment, + 800 kV UHV DC transmission equipment, smart grid transmission complete sets of equipment.

Key core components: ultra supercritical thermal power units and large nuclear power generator units with safety valve, large generating units installing a protection circuit breaker, 5 inch 7200 volts /3000, 6 inches 8500 volts / 4000 ~ 4750 an electronically controlled thyristor tube, 5 inches 75 volts /3125 Ann photocontrol crystalbrake tube, plus or minus 800 kV and below voltage rating DC transmission for flow valve.

(three) a significant increase in the capacity of power equipment to support the national major construction projects

After 30 years of unremitting efforts, adhere to the "production, learning and research," the combination, through the introduction of technology absorption and innovation, China successfully developed a number of suitable for China's national conditions, international leading power equipment, and has been applied in Henan Qinbei 600 MW Supercritical Thermal Power Engineering, Zhejiang Yuhuan 10000 MW Ultra Supercritical Thermal Power Engineering, Ningxia Lingwu 1000 MW ultra supercritical air cooling thermal power engineering, Sichuan Whitehorse ultra supercritical circulating fluidized bed engineering, Three Gorges hydropower project, Xiluodu hydropower project, Xiangjiaba hydropower project, Ling Ao phase two nuclear power project, three nuclear power project, Guanting - Lanzhou East - 750000 volt AC power transmission project, Jindongnan Nanyang Jingmen 1000000 volts high voltage AC power transmission project, Yunnan - Guangdong + 800000 volts high voltage DC transmission project, Xiangjiaba - Shanghai - 800000 volt high voltage DC transmission project and a number of major national construction projects, effectively ensuring the smooth implementation of the national "west to East" energy strategy.

Two, facing the situation

The world economy is still in the depth adjustment period after the international financial crisis, the overall recovery is weak. Our country economy is to form a higher level, more complex division of labor, a more reasonable structure of the stage evolution. Therefore, scientific analysis and understanding of the development of power equipment, for the realization of the industry sustained and healthy development of great significance.

(a) the new norm of economic development requires the power equipment manufacturing industry to change the quality and efficiency.

The new norm of development of our country economy is, economic growth rate is from the high speed turn in high speed, the mode of development is from the scale and speed of extensive growth to the quality and efficiency of the intensive growth, economic structure is from the incremental expansion mainly to adjust the stock and increment simultaneously the depth of the adjustment, development power is from the traditional growth to new growth points.

Under the double pressure, the power equipment manufacturing industry needs to complete the transformation from the low cost competitive advantage to the competitive advantage of quality and benefit. Adhere to the quality and efficiency as the center, to avoid redundant construction and expansion of homogeneity, low level and resolve the elimination of excess capacity and backward production capacity, promote the quality and efficiency, to improve product quality and brand image, vigorously implement the product quality control, evaluation of the quality of credit and brand promotion strategy, continuously improve product added value and brand value; adhere to actively adopt new technology, new technology, new business models, improve the level of product quality management, internal potential, shorten the product cycle of upgrading, and strive to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, go the way of sustainable and healthy development.

(two) a new round of technological revolution and Industrial Revolution requires the transformation of power equipment manufacturing industry must be intelligent

A new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is gaining momentum and intelligent manufacturing has increasingly become an important direction of the transformation of the mode of production. Germany released the industry 4 plan, will through the Internet, high-tech, big data, virtual manufacturing information technology and entity manufacturing technology integration, to achieve intelligent manufacturing. The United States has issued a "revive us manufacturing framework", "manufacturing Enhancement Act, the advanced manufacturing partnership", mainly to support clean energy, the next generation of robot, 3D printing, new materials, information technology and other key areas, intended to seize a new round of industrial revolution dominance. The EU will start the spark program, by 2020 will invest 2800000000 euros for research and development of civilian robots, involving manufacturing, agriculture,

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