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Amorphous strip market will usher in rapid growth


"It is understood, the State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Company of amorphous alloy transformer efforts to promote unprecedented, the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid this year, the new amount of amorphous distribution transformer were at around 60%, amorphous alloy transformer Market peatlands, non crystal strip Market in the second half of the year will be rapid growth." Recently, An Tai Polytron Technologies Inc (referred to as "An Tai technology") technical director, chief engineer Zhou Shaoxiong accept the China Electric Power News reporter, said.

Relevant data statistics, in 2015 the annual demand will reach 140000 tons of amorphous material, a huge market gap. As the impact of market peatlands, technology progress and other factors, have long plagued the amorphous large-scale popularization and application of high prices, high cost of the "double high" chronic illness will be broken, amorphous changed market will jump out of the "applaud not draw a large audience" vicious circle.

Non crystal becomes the mainstream of distribution

In recent years, the amorphous strip because of its incomparable energy-saving characteristics are widely used in electric power, electronics, aerospace and other important areas, in the electric power industry is mainly used for amorphous iron core and amorphous distribution transformer manufacturing, motor stator material, reactor, transformer and so on, but is subject to high cost, high price, user awareness and other factors affect, amorphous variable for large-scale popularization and application subject to certain restrictions.

It is understood that the loss in the distribution network, the transformer losses accounted for more than 60%. Last year, the traditional transformer capacity utilization rate of less than 50%, the loss is serious or serious overcapacity may be one of the reasons. The amorphous alloy strip has excellent soft magnetic properties, and the energy saving effect of the distribution transformer is compared with the traditional silicon steel transformer, which can reduce the no-load loss by 60% to 80%.

In fact, as early as in 2004, the State Administration of Taxation and other departments formulated "the current state encourages the development of environmental protection industry equipment (products) catalogue (first batch), the non crystal alloy transformer is to encourage the development of energy-saving equipment. In 2006, the National Standardization Management Committee issued the three-phase distribution transformer energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency evaluation value "mandatory national standards, the provisions from July 1, 2010 onwards distribution transformer energy consumption to reduced to the level of S11. Losses were higher than the index of the distribution transformer will be prohibited from production or sales. 2012 national Ministry of finance, industry and Information Ministry of development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "energy-saving products Huimin engineering energy-efficient distribution transformers to promote the implementation of the rules", the energy-saving type transformer for 4 yuan to 30 yuan / KVA financial subsidies, and greatly enhance and push users using amorphous distribution transformer voltage regulator of enthusiasm.

Price drops market growth

"Before there is no ing technology industrialization, the import of non crystal strip has a monopoly amorphous strip Market in China, ing technology, and gradually improve the market share, about 25% this year probably account for the market, direct effect is amorphous strip, the price has been reduced nearly one-third, non crystal alloy transformer price has also tends to S11, S13 silicon steel distribution transformer." Zhou Shaoxiong said.

"Non crystalline change by two power concern is not groundless, one is its energy saving effect, and the second is the national energy saving policy guidelines." Antai Technology Co., Ltd. vice president Zhang Jin Hua said that non ing technology amorphous strips from R & D to industrial transformation process in both project support and subsidies, have been the strong support of the relevant state ministries and commissions. With the further deepening of rural reform, the construction of smart grid, the amorphous strip market will be further expanded.

Amorphous ribbon market expansion of dependence in amorphous become large-scale application. With the progress of technology, output amplification, compared to amorphous prices are dropped into the channel, and the traditional silicon steel transformer, amorphous energy-saving effect and technical and economic advantages become more and more obvious, will make the amorphous variable the large-scale application of put on the agenda.

In fact, based on the prospect of non crystal change applications, many transformers manufacturing enterprises have entered, and some in the planning and design process, and some of the large supply market. If prior users of amorphous alloy transformer stability and energy saving effects are still doubts, then through more than ten years of non crystal hanging network application experiments prove, these concerns have been eliminated, the user awareness has been greatly improved, and amorphous variable price decreased significantly with long-term benefits, the growth in the market conditions are ripe.

"With respect to the silicon steel and non crystal saturated magnetic induction strength slightly lower, result in the transformer production process in non crystal strip amount will be more, this is also the non crystal becomes one of the reasons for the price slightly higher. Now the company is trying to improve the saturated magnetic induction intensity of amorphous ribbons, the competitiveness of the amorphous transformer will be further strengthened." Zhou Shaoxiong told reporters.

"The orientation of future ing technology is become mainstream international amorphous strip suppliers, strive to domestic market share reached 50%." Zhang Jin Hua said that the company will be based independent innovation, break through the key technology, form the core of independent intellectual property rights, after the implementation of vertical integration strategy, rapid development and occupation of the domestic market, timely access to international markets.

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