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Investment prospects of amorphous and amorphous transformer industry in China


Analysis on the upper and lower reaches of the amorphous and amorphous transformer industry

In amorphous materials industry chain, mainly including four aspects: the first is the upper reaches of the amorphous alloy strip, the main raw materials including iron, boron, and expensive; then amorphous alloy iron core, is made by amorphous ribbons by shear, stacking, fixed molding machine magnetic field heat treatment several ring section; then is the core of the industrial chain and amorphous alloy transformer, its manufacturing involves five key technologies: transformer core by force in the structural design, design reasonable matching of the insulation system, anti short circuit ability, noise control technology and product assembly technology. Finally, it is terminal users, including grid users and industrial users.

The raw materials of the amorphous transformer are mainly divided into iron core, electromagnetic line, transformer oil and steel. Among them, the core accounting for about 50% of the cost, the transformer oil accounted for 5%, accounting for 35% of the electromagnetic line, steel accounted for 5%, but it still has a high technical threshold. The core is made of amorphous material. At present, the largest use of amorphous material is processed into iron core, and then used in the production of transformers. Therefore, the market capacity of the amorphous alloy transformer directly determines the demand space of amorphous material.

At present, the amorphous alloy iron core and amorphous alloy transformer manufacturing technology and capacity is becoming more and more mature; user terminal especially network users for consideration of economic efficiency and social effects of energy saving, promotion of amorphous alloy transformer power is strong, the demand is not a problem.

Two. The market demand analysis of amorphous and amorphous transformer industry

At present, China's power transmission line loss rate was 8%, America 6%, Japan 4%. The load loss of high energy and energy distribution transformer in China is higher than the international advanced level 50%-60%. And in all the line losses, losses in the distribution network of more than 50%. Among them, the loss of the transformer is main component, transformer loss in power consumption accounted for 30% - 40%. As a major energy power industry, energy industry is a huge potential transformer. Therefore, to enhance the efficiency of transformer be reduce the loss the most direct and most effective means, promotion of non crystalline change has become an important means to enhance the efficiency of distribution network.

According to the statistical data analysis of the prospective industry research institute, the market of amorphous transformer mainly includes three parts:

First, the demand for new distribution network transformer. According to the analysis of the electricity, in 2013 China's power installed capacity of about 1250000000 kilowatts, is expected to 2020 power generation capacity will grow to 2000000000 kilowatts. According to the distribution transformer and the new installed capacity proportional to estimates, is expected in the future new distribution transformer capacity will reach 26.3 million KVA, if 20% of the amorphous alloy transformer, the future of the new amorphous alloy transformer will reach 5.26KVA and calculated according to each 500 KVA. It reached 105 million units.

Second, the transformation of the stock of transformer parts. 2011 China's stock of power distribution transformers 3700000000 KVA, amorphous alloy transformers accounted for less than 2%. If the stock of distribution transformer 15% replacement for amorphous alloy transformer, the amorphous alloy transformer demand will reach 555000000 KVA, according to the 500KVA calculation, then reached 1110000 units.

Third, new energy demand. State planning to 2020 wind power installed capacity of 150000000 kilowatts, is expected to wind power installed capacity will grow rapidly. At present, the large capacity of the amorphous alloy transformer for the wind power has been developed in China. With the increase of the proportion of amorphous alloy transformer in the wind power plant, the expected future ten years of amorphous alloy transformer in the field of wind power up to 9000000 KVA.

Three. The industry prospect of amorphous and amorphous transformer industry

(1) the state power grid to increase investment in power distribution network

2013 national grid planning power grid investment 312800000000 yuan, the actual completion of 337900000000 yuan, 2014 plans to invest more than the actual amount of the actual volume increased by 13% in 2013. Distribution network is the focus of the construction, the amount of its investment growth will be higher than the average, the main power distribution equipment in 2014 is expected to grow at high speed. The long-term trend of the distribution network investment is bullish, which is the inevitable trend of the development of China's electric power industry. For the future development of Chinese society will need a strong grid, friendly, intelligent power distribution network, to make up for the existing distribution network in the access of reliability, distributed power supply, electric cars and other defects.

(2) energy-saving emission reduction policies and power grid transformation of the drive

"Twelve five" plan clearly put forward: "Twelfth Five Year" period unit GDP energy consumption index and unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions to fall by 16%. As an important equipment in electric power transmission, it is an important content of power saving and emission reduction. From the perspective of the development of distribution transformer, reduce energy consumption will accelerate the transformer replacement, although non crystal alloy transformer S9 transformer price is about 30% higher than, but increase the cost, recovered within 3-5 years of operation of the transformer.

At present, the high efficiency and energy saving transformer will enjoy a certain financial subsidies, subsidies after the amorphous alloy transformer and S13 type silicon steel transformer integrated procurement price is very close to. From the economy, the amorphous alloy transformer has a strong price attraction, will greatly enhance the power grid and the user side of the purchase intention of the amorphous transformer.

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