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Henan Zhongyue amorphous new materials Co., Ltd.


Henan Zhongyue amorphous new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CAETG”) was formally founded in industrial agglomeration area in December 27 of 2010. By taking “benefiting the society and favoring employees” as its own duty, “transforming the world through science and technology and changing the life through materials” as its concept”, “putting the people first and making innovations based on scientific technology” as its core values and “striving to be the world-class advanced materials supplier" as its development goal, Dong Songhui, the founder of the company, has thrown himself into the non – crystalline industry with forward-looking strategic vision and unrivalled courage, which is of significant importance to Dengfeng City and even to Henan Province. CAETG has eventually become a dazzling pearl through many years of arduous explorations under the generous support of the government and with collaborative efforts of all the staff, right up with Hitachi, Advanced Technology and Qingdao Yunlu.

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