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  As the old saying goes, “Every man alive has a duty to his country”, as a member of the Big Chinese Family, CAETG won’t say passionate brave Words or embrace lofty aspirations turning the tide, but with the tiny wish of ““benefiting the society and favoring employees”. CAETG has been committed itself to strengthening management, lawful operation, working selflessly for the public interest, paying taxes according to law, absorbing more surplus labor force to solve more employment problems, promoting the development of regional economy and actively engaging in charitable and public services. “performing real deeds, doing good deeds, keeping modest without arrogance and rashness, and struggling to go forward” has always been the development purpose pursued by CAETG “ ice a meter deep is not frozen in one day and Rome was not built in a day”, CAETG will work steadily to seek sustainable development, undertake more responsibilities and make more contributions..


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