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  It is a good season in a year, in which the grasses are tall and the nightingales in the air with willow weeping, in such a picturesque season, the website of CAETG is completely updated and formally opened, which all are looking forward to, and in this frame, I, on behalf of all shareholders of CAETG, express heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to colleagues and friends from all walks of life. Since its founding, CAETG has made a little bit of achievement in the field of non – crystalline with the assistance and support from government at all levels and friends around the country and through joint efforts of all shareholders and CAETG colleagues. On the road ahead, we will base on the bright prospect of domestic and international non – crystalline industries to take “serving customers and contributing to society” as our mission and “working healthily and living happily” as our core values, so as to fully realize the grandest dream of “centenary CAETG”.

  Finally, I want to say to all colleagues of CAETG:” we have more work to do, so, we shall take a humble attitude to learn from the outstanding persons and work with winners, establish a leaning-oriented team, continuously improve our technology, system and process, strive to create favorable material and spirit conditions, provide customers with perfect quality and imperial services, strengthen social responsibility, actively throw ourselves into charitable and public services and make due contributions to the society and the country.broke, Qin's territory finally belonging to Chu; Good people who live day, the hardships that can swallow a thousand more Wu.”

  Dong Xiaoyuan

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