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  Henan Zhongyue amorphous new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CAETG”) was formally founded in industrial agglomeration area in December 27 of 2010. By taking “benefiting the society and favoring employees” as its own duty, “transforming the world through science and technology and changing the life through materials” as its concept”, “putting the people first and making innovations based on scientific technology” as its core values and “striving to be the world-class advanced materials supplier" as its development goal, Dong Songhui, the founder of the company, has thrown himself into the non – crystalline industry with forward-looking strategic vision and unrivalled courage, which is of significant importance to Dengfeng City and even to Henan Province. CAETG has eventually become a dazzling pearl through many years of arduous explorations under the generous support of the government and with collaborative efforts of all the staff, right up with Hitachi, Advanced Technology and Qingdao Yunlu.

  With its headquarters located at the northeast corner of intersection between Yujing Avenue and Yudu Street, CAETG specializes in research, development, production and processing and marketing of amorphous and nano-crystalline ribbon, mutual inductor, transformer and common-mode choke, and awarded with AAA-level good-standing certificate promulgated by Zhengzhou municipal corporate reputation accreditation committee to serve as Zhengzhou municipal amorphous and nano-crystalline metallic materials academician workstation and Zhengzhou University postgraduates combined cultivation base. After several years of intensive cultivation, CAETG possesses more than 500 employees including two (one foreigner) academicians, 21 professorial scientific researchers and 65 professionals and more than 40% of its employees have bachelor degrees or above, boasting a total planned investment of 1.5 billion RMB. It has been rewarded such honorary titles as “national high-tech enterprise” and “Zhengzhou municipal amorphous and nano-crystalline engineering research center”. Boasting 41 National patents and 6 achievements of science and technology of Henan province, it has obtained ISO 9001:2008 system certificate. It has established strategic partnership relationship with school of materials science and engineering of Zhengzhou University, school of materials science and engineering of Henan Polytechnic University and Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, and set up Zhengzhou municipal amorphous and nano-crystalline engineering research center and amorphous and nano-crystalline academician workstation. Meanwhile, it has successfully established a powerful market network with its headquarters as the center, Jiangsu Yixing Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhongyuefulin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. as windows and Xi'an, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and ShenZhen as its client base radiating to the whole country. In addition to actively exploring the domestic market, CAETG has been continuously supplying its products to India, Australia, the United States and other overseas customers. Nowadays, CAETG has become the fourth largest supplier of amorphous and nano-crystalline products in the world, and also the first private enterprise manufacturing such products.

  Concept and about access, plot thick and thin hair. Since its founding, CAETG has paid the industry first-class engineers exceedingly high salaries to engage in production and management, such as appointing senior engineer Mr Li Xitao as the general manager of the company, appointing Mr Han Zhongjiang who has 13 years experience in non – crystalline and nanocrystalline industry as the deputy general manager, and appointing senior engineer Mr Lu Jian who has 25 years of experience in transformer industry as the chief engineer of transformer project. Mr Dong Songhui, the founder of CAETG, has established professional excellent management teams by containing all the same mind to embrace all talents, in the past few years, all employees of the company have researched products, discussed plans, transformed technologies night and day, and kept on trying and never gave up. They cooperated with absolute sincerity in overcoming technical problems and breaking through production bottlenecks, finally forging the outstanding quality of “CAETG”. They have employed products in photovoltaic generation, wind power generation and hydraulic electrogenerating as well as in other fields such as electromobile, high-speed train and offshore platform. CAETG has become the most trustworthy partnership of BYD, Foxconn, Yamaxi, Haier and other top-ranking enterprises.

  If you are in full bloom, the wind came. With the increasing mature of CAETG production technology and gradually opening-up of product market, News of success keeps pouring in domestic and international markets, achievements remarkable, orders continued and products in short supply, which are the best honor for CAETG people have struggled for countless days and nights. Since its founding, CAETG has regarded independent innovation, practicing skills, strictly controlling quality and keeping improving as its purpose and core competitiveness. Based on such three platforms as Zhengzhou municipal engineering research center, Zhengzhou municipal enterprise technology center and academician workstation and by depending on academician Akihisa INOUE, the world-famous materials scientist, academician Fu Hengzhi of Chinese Academy of Engineering, tech –oriented innovative teams from our company and school of materials science and engineering of Zhengzhou University to follow the path of combination of “production, learning, research and application”, CAETG intends to create the large-scale non – crystalline industry chain with the integration of research, development, production and marketing in the three application fields such as power, electronics and critical components of new energy vehicles, establish advanced metallic materials research, development and production based in the province and even around the country, so as to make more “domestic first-class and international advanced” scientific research achievements.

  Revolution is not yet successful, the comrade still needs making great efforts. Mr Dong Songhui, the founder of the company, has established the purpose of forging the world-class supplier since the founding of the company. God rewards those who work hard, and great virtue can carry heavy responsibilities. In the past few years, CAETG has left such an indelible mark on the picture scroll of non – crystalline industry, however, it still have a lot to do in respect of accessing to the capital market to become Dengfeng’s first large high technology enterprise listing on the Growth Enterprise Market, declaring the international invention patents of the United States, Japan and Europe, declaring the provincial-level engineering research center, and building the “non-crystalline industry park worth100 billion”, thus, in the next few years, CAETG people will still make further progress to standardize themselves with higher standards and more strict requirements, and untiringly struggle for “building centenary CAETG and creating 100 billion non-crystalline”.

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